It’s my birthday
I’m celebrating at a strip club
They serve late night breakfast here too
Boobs and bacon
Best birthday yet

My head is swimming.
You asked me to come over to watch a movie and smoke.
Why did I accept?
You were being so sweet and cuddly.
It was almost like old times but better even.
At midnight you got all in my face with your hands on the back on my neck asking if I wanted to stay the night with you.
Of course my weak self wanted to stay the night with you and I did.
You still haven’t mentioned the break up or anything so even though I was held by you all night, it was slowly killing me inside.
I could barely sleep because my mind was racing.
What was going on?
I still don’t understand.
I don’t like my feelings fucked with like this
I accidentally kissed you this morning out of habit but you didn’t kiss me back.
I asked “don’t you want to kiss me?”
He said of course he does and finally kissed me back
We went out for lunch and then ice cream.
When he had to go to work, he just hugged me and said
“I’ll see you later”
You still havn’t said anything.

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